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Al Maktoum International Airport

Dubai World Central

At the heart of this huge new community is the Dubai World Central International Airport, the world's largest passenger and cargo hub, ten times larger than Dubai International Airport and Dubai Cargo Village combined.

The airport will have an annual cargo capacity of 12 million tons, more than three times that of Memphis, today's largest cargo hub, and a passenger capacity of more than 120 million - almost 50% more than Atlanta, currently the world's busiest passenger airport.

Built for the future, Dubai World Central International Airport has been designed to handle all next-generation aircraft, including the A380 super-jumbo. Up to four aircraft will be able to land simultaneously, 24 hours a day, minimising in-air queuing.

The ATC control tower will be fully equipped with the latest in avionics and navigational aids.

Al Maktoum International Airport will also boast hotels and shopping malls, support facilities and state-of-the-art maintenance facilities which will create a regional maintenance hub capable of all checks on all aircraft, including the A380.

The airport will be linked to the existing, award-winning Dubai International Airport (DXB) via an express rail system and ultimately will be serviced by the Dubai Light Railway Network (Dubai Metro). Some 100,000 car parking spaces will be available for airport parking and car rental services.

The first runway at Al Maktoum International Airport has been completed on time in the projected 600 days - an aviation record for the fastest A380 enabled 4.5 kilometre CAT III runway construction.

The AED1 billion runway is the first tender to be fully executed within Dubai World Central project.

The AED100 million first Passenger Terminal will cater to low-cost, regional and charter airlines is over 50 per cent complete.

The terminal will cater to seven million passengers annually and take considerable load off Dubai International Airport (DXB).

Other airport structures being built are AED278 million Cargo Terminal; AED143 million Air Traffic Control (ATC) tower; AED908 million aprons and associated taxiways; AED108 million Fuel Farms; and AED120 million navigational aids package.

The region's biggest airport, Dubai World Central will include:

  • 6 parallel runways, 4.5km in length, each separated by a minimum of 800m
  • Three passenger terminals including two luxury facilities one dedicated to airlines of the Emirates Group, the second to other carriers and the third dedicated to low cost carriers
  • Multiple concourses
  • 16 cargo terminals with a 12 million ton capacity
  • Executive and Royal jet centres
  • Hotels and shopping malls
  • Support and maintenance facilities: the region's only hub for A, B and C Checks on all aircraft up to A380 specifications
  • Over 100,000 parking spaces for airport staff and passengers
  • Dubai World Central International Airport and the existing Dubai International Airport will be linked by a high speed express rail system
  • Dubai World Central International Airport will also be served by the Dubai Metro and a dedicated Dubai World Central light railway
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